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Sep 10, 2010 9:00pm PDT
importance. china's military buildup, north korea, taiwan, and climate change, are now all on the agenda. >> china wants to avoid real security crises. on the other hand, also, i think, it does aspire to be a great power in a very full way. >> how will dialogue between the u.s. and china shape the coming decade? next, on great decisions. >> in a democracy, agreement is not essential, but participation is. join us as we discuss today's most critical global issues. join us as we discuss today's most critical global issues. join us for great decisions. [instrumental music] >> great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association, inspiring americans to learn more about the world. funding for great decisions is provided by the carnegie corporation of new york, the starr foundation, shell international and the european commission. great decisions is produced in association with the university of delaware. >> and now from our studios, here is ralph begleiter. >> welcome to great decisions, i'm ralph begleiter. joining us to discuss u.s./china relations and the rise of china's mi
Sep 15, 2010 7:00pm PDT
approval to taiwan's protests against japan over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. on monday a fishing boat carrying two taiwanese activists headed toward the islands to protest japan's handling of an incident in which a chinese trawler rammed into japanese patrol boats in the area. japan arrested the trawler's captain on wednesday last week. it also detained the vessel and its 14 remaining crew members for questioning and inspection. the activists' boat returned to taiwan on tuesday, after japanese patrol boats warned it not to enter japanese waters. on wednesday a spokesperson for china's taiwan affairs office expressed understanding of the activists' protest. >> more and more chinese have been expressing support on the internet for the actions of the taiwanese boat. observers say china is likely to exploit growing anger in taiwan to intensify pressure on japan. meanwhile, japanese nationals living in china are being warned of growing local protests over japan's handling of the incident. messages online are calling for large-scale anti-japan demonstrations in beijing and othe
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
claimed by china and taiwan. >>> now responding to the ship collision, the japanese foreign ministry summoned a senior official of the chinese embassy to the foreign ministry on tuesday and launched a protest. calling the chinese trawlers' act vicious and regrettable the rin min stree requested that china step up its instructions on fishing boats operating near japanese waters. later in the evening prime minister naoto kan spoke to reporters. meanwhile, china's state run xinhua news agency reported that china's foreign minister summoned the japanese ambassador to china niwa on thursday. he urged the patrol ships to stop their illegal interception of chinese fishing boats. the japanese embassy in beijing says niwa responded by saying that japan cannot accept any blame for e incident. >>> china remains noncommittal to requests from japan for the country to review its decision to cut rare earth metal exports. a delegation from the japan/china economic association met senior officials of the chinese ministry of industry and information technology in beijing on tuesday. the delegation inc
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. have been to china, hong kong, macao, and taiwan, and many restaurants where the children have not so many problems about healthy of syria -- about healthy. why only the usa or send francisco the children get on how of it, -- unhealthy. i think education is the problem, not made donald syria and -- not make donald. -- mcdonald's. mcdonald's is not the problem. the parents get their food from mcdonald's and not from their -- sorry about that. it is not the problem how. also the problem is education. >> thank you spirited -- thank you. >> i wanted him to respond to some of the marks being made. thank you so much for being here. i think it is a fact that americans are not eating as many vegetables as they should. but does not mean we should not be taking many more efforts to try to move in that direction. she said few of the males would meet those standards. i would assume it is much greater at this point. it is an apples and oranges comparison. >> to explain what you mean by that. >> the survey that the doctor did? >> it is a survey of dietary histories and not what was in the play. a n
Sep 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
typhoon has made landfall in eastern china. this after dumping more than two feet of rain in taiwan. more than 100 injuries were reported there. thousands were forced to leave their homes because of a threat of mudslides and flooding. officials say up to 44 inches of rain has fall ontario southern part of the island with more to come. >>> if you look up into space, jupiter, the picture planet from the sun, would be the second brightest object in the sky. wouldn't be that big but you will be able to see it. not this close to earth again for another 1 years. 391millionmiles away but that is close. the reason it takes 1 years is because that is how long it takes jupiter to orbit the sun. -- the reason it takes 12 years is because that is how long it takes jupiter to orbit the sun. >> that should be kind of cool. i believe tonight we've got pretty decent conditions to see these planets. so not too bad. >> so relatively clear skies. neighbor a few clouds. >> that is what i believe. >> and a nice day. >> nice day today too. we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures. a warm one yesterday as
Sep 13, 2010 7:00pm PDT
to enter. the boat left a port in northern taiwan monday afternoon with two members of a taiwanese protest group on board. the group is protesting against last week's arrest of the chinese of a trawler that collided with japanese patrol boats in japanese territorial waters. the activists are also demanding the release of the captain and that japan allow taiwanese to fish near the islands. like china, taiwan also claims territorial rights over the islands. the japanese coast guard is enforcing tight security in the area, deploying patrol vessels and aircraft. the japanese government set up a crisis management team in the prime minister's official residence on tuesday to monitor the protest boat. the team is collecting information about the boat and coordinating ministries and agencies concerned. >>> one of the crew of a chinese trawler we were just mentioning has denounced japan for detang them. they were arrested or released after questioning and an investigation of the collision in japan's territorial waters near the islands. >>> china's state-run central television reported monda
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
taiwan. >> chinese have clearly signaled their interest in resuming military to military discussions, and we are right now exploring how best to do that. >> u.s. defense department spokesperson geoff morrell spoke to reporter on thursday. he suggested the exchanges may resume this year. president barack obama and hu jintao have expressed an interest in restarting the talks and says two leaders will meet early next year. the suspension of the exchanges earlier this year resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled visit to china in june by u.s. defense secretary robert gates. >>> japan's annual defense report tresses the importance of the military alliance with the united states and expresses worries over china's recent military buildup. the government's 2010 white paper on defense policy submitted to the cabinet on friday. the report says the u.s. forces stationed in japan act as a deterrent and emphasizes importance of the u.s. marines stations in okinawa, saying they contribute to regional peace and stability. the chinese military buildup of reason years lacks transparency. this is
Sep 24, 2010 7:00am EDT
miners in chablile. tie one boast one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs -- in taiwan. it is rich in marine life. the impact of climate change and overfishing has taken its toll. as there are signs that the reef is beginning to recover, a new threat is looming. >> it is almost prickly round. it is one of the world's most important coral reefs. it is believed to have one of the planet's most diverse marine habitat. in the past decade, much of the coral has been destroyed. a spike in the sea temperatures in 1998 killed 90% of the coral. destructive fishing practices, including dynamiting, fish poisoning, and overfishing has drastically reduced fish populations. the coast guard has started patrolling the waters to stop the fishing. these efforts, and the ability of the coral to regenerate has led to it now. the government of taiwan is trying to protect this area from human disturbances and allow the power of nature to restore it. the reef now faces a new potential threats. there are pressures to open the area. the largest and only marine national park. experts say that stringent
Sep 16, 2010 7:00pm PDT
westerly direction in days to come, gradually getting closer to taiwan this weekend. now, some stronger waves and a bit of rain will start affecting the southern islands of japan first tonight and then likely conditions may get a little bit stormier for those of you in taiwan later on. we're also looking at a frontal system here moving out of so a couple showers this morning. but that starts pulling away. and then for northern china a rain band here has been in place for a while now. and it looks like it's going to continue to spread. and then inch a little bit toward the korean peninsula as well. as for highs, we're looking at 23 in beijing. 19 for ulan bator. 37 in chongqing. still another hot day for you. also quite steamy in taipei at 34. now, across the americas and mexico, southern mexico, that is, right here, dealing with the hurricane system, hurricane carl, getting ready to make its second landfall on mexico. it was a tropical storm system when it hit the yucatan peninsula. but now it's definitely strengthened. currently a category 1 hurricane. but there is the chance that it c
Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm PDT
senkaku islands are under japanese control but are also claimed by china and taiwan. maehara says he told his counterpart that he'll try to solve the diplomatic problem from a comprehensive viewpoint because the islands are an integral part of japan. maehara says he conveyed his appreciation that the existing japan-u.s. security treaty covers the senkaku islands. he says clinton agreed that article 5 of the security pact would be applied in case of an armed conflict. maehara also said clinton hoped japan and china would solve the issue through dialogue as both countries are important for stability in the region. >> in the talks, maehara also referred to the relocation issue of u.s. futenma air station in okinawa. he told clinton he'll tackle the issue with respect to the bilateral agreement established in may to relocate the base within the same prefecture. >>> meanwhile, china is taking measures that might be seen as retaliation againspan over thincident near the senkaku island it's believed that china is apth of a chinese fishing boat inese atxp however, sources s ael ioms clra
Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm PDT
are also claimed by china and taiwan. the japanese foreign ministry summoned a senior official of the chinese embassy to the foreign ministry on tuesday and lodged a protest. calling the chinese trawler's act vicious and regrettable the ministry requested that china step up its instructions on fishing boats operating near japanese waters. later in the evening prime minister naoto kan spoke to reporters. >>> meanwhile china's state run xinhua news agency reported the vice foreign minister summoned the japanese ambassador to china on tuesday. he reportedly urged japanese patrol ships to stop their illegal interception of chinese fishing boats. the japanese embassy in beijing says he responded by saying that japan cannot accept any blame for the incident. >>> tropical storm malou is about to make landfall on the west coast of central japan. we have an update now. >> that's right. we are starting to see heavy rain erupting in tokyo as well as a storm system that has been with us for the past several days bringing torrential downpours and strong winds in southern japan. let's take a lo
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm PDT
waters. the islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. a japanese court decided on sunday to extend the captain's detention by ten days. following this move,preparatory international conference in shenyang liaoning province has also been suspended. think tanks from japan and south korea had planned to discuss free trade agreements next monday. sources say the chinese organizer requested the postponement last week, citing the collision incident as the reason. >>> a forum to discuss economic policies on the environment scheduled for next sunday in beijing has also been delayed. representatives from governments and companies of the two countries had planned to take part. sources say the chinese government made the decision to postpone the meeting. on tuesday china's foreign ministry spokesperson, jiang yu, said japan bears responsibility for the consequences. she repeated the chinese government's demand for the captain's release. >>> a tokyo internet security company suspects the attacks began around september 12th. it said the japan sport fishing association website was targete
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm PDT
strong winds along the east coast here as well as taiwan and bringing heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours. we're looking at rainfall affecting the east coast, out to shanghai, even down into the southern coast and also taiwan as well, where the ground is quite saturated. heavy rains and also thunderstorms affecting the koreas today on friday, and that's going to be moving in to japan next but throughout the day it will stay dry for the most part and temperatures climbing quite nicely down in the south as well, tokyo 31 degrees, and it will be fairly cool in seoul, 23 degrees. shanghai coming in at 30 degrees. now let's head to the americas, in fact we'll start off with the flooding situation in texas here, of course, this is due to the remnants of tropical storm hermine that caused drenching downpours in the last few days. so you can see roads and highways heavily inundated in parts of texas, homes, cars and fields were submerged as well and firefighters had to be called in to rescue residents stranded by the fast rising waters. a total of six tornadoes reported in texas on wednesda
Sep 14, 2010 7:00pm PDT
taiwan. >> on this narrow issue we hope to be resolved by china and gentleman man. >> u.s. assistant secretary of state phillip crowly told reporters on tuesday that maintaining peace and stability in the far east is the interest of the u.s. china has escalated the reaction to the detention. on monday they postponed a scheduled visit to japan by the national people's congress. >>> an exhibition by the japanese pop artist takashi murakami is under way at the palace of versailles in france. the show has been praised and criticized by french traditionalists. an installation of about 20 of murakami's works was open to the public on tuesday at the world heritage site outside paris. the animation inspired sculptures include a girl character and a colorful flower object. a six meter tall statue of a golden cupba, a legendary japanese creature, is in sharp contrast with its surroundings. >> i think it's a great idea to -- with the whole difference, it will make you think about the art itself and the place itself. >> dozens of french conservatives held a protest outside the palace arguing tha
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm PDT
off early this year when the u.s. decided to sell arms to taiwan. the u.s. defense department says the agreement was made at a meeting in beijing on wednesday, with deputy assistant secretary michael schiffer and chinese officials. the two countries agreed to expand dialogue and deepen military cooperation. they'll hold working-level talks in hawaii in mid october. a vice ministerial meeting -- or vice ministerial-level meeting is scheduled later this year in washington. the two sides had recently started to improve bilateral relations. u.s. president barack obama met chinese premier wen jiabao in new york last week. they confirmed the need to deepen economic and security ties. >>> a former deputy secretary-general of the main governing democratic party is now in china in a bid to repair the frayed ties between japan and china. relations soured after japanese authorities detained the captain of a chinese fishing boat that had collided with japan coast guard patrol ships earlier this month. the incident occurred near japan's senkaku islands, which are also claimed by chinese, or chi
Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm PDT
eye on what was a typhoon. it's drivening southern china right now. due to wake landfall in taiwan over the weekend as a typhoon. we'll start off with footage taken on monday. this will be southern taiwan. you can see streets heavily inundated. over 100 people said to be injured from the toppled buildings and signs as well. the army had to be brought in to rescue the residents out of flooded buildings. the cleanup efforts have started and it is now -- the storm system is now affecting southern china. just in the last 24 hours, again, heavy amounts of rain recorded in coastal areas. some areas picked up more than 300 millimeters. still quite a serious situation here. the tropical depression will affect mainly this province over the next 24 hours. heavy rain, as much as 250 millimeters anticipated. heavy winds and showers moving through northeastern china. that will be sweeping across the korean peninsula. northern japan too dealing with hefty showers. as that rain subsides around noon, you can see a new system arriving on wednesday. the southern half of the country is going to stay
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am EDT
got away without any money. >>> in taiwan, 163 couples gathered to tie the knot on a special day at a special time. they all said "i do "at 9:09 a.m. on the ninth day of the ninth month of the 99th year since taiwan was towned. nine is a special number to the couple. it is spelled similar to the word longevity in chinese. >>> homes are being overrun with these bugs. they are almost indestructible and there are no pesticides of them market to take them out but we found out how keep them out. >> reporter: university of maryland entomologist has been playing with bugs three decades and the stink bug is one of the most impress he's ever seen. >> they feed on everything. they are in soybean fields, corn fields, people's vegetables gardens, degrees and shrubs in the landscape. they can eat virtually everything. here in america it is a great land. they left their enmaymys behind so they can reproduce unchecked. >> reporter: that unchecked reproduction makes them a growing menace. >> there's a storm out right now, howard. these guys are peeking in my windows and thinking 0 of winter coming.
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
, china and taiwan. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. japan's foreign ministry spoke about the incident on wednesday in tokyo. press secretary sato rusato reiterated japan's claimn the senkaku islands. >> translator: this incident obstructed the duties of the japan coast guard within japanese territorial waters. we'll handle the matter calmly and in accordance with japanese law. >> the press secretary added that the incident will not hurt bilateral relations. he said developing strategic ties that benefit both nations is important. >>> now we go over to nhk world's susumo shimokawa in beijing to hear about china's reaction to this in the east china sea. >> well the ship collision casing the waters near the senkaku islands has been headline news here in china. wednesday morning newspapers carry the incident as their top story. some use photos and illustrations and illustrations to explain how they believe the incident took place and some of their reports differe
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
in taiwan. then $100 for the intel chip. and then the operating system is by microsoft. and by the time you're finishing the packaging, everything else, what you've left for china is maybe less than $100. but it's charged as a $700 i frepl china. and these are the issues. and out of the exports from china to america, 55% are by multilateral... multinational companies which is not related which... they are multinational companies and they go through these arrangements, so china is the final place of assembly. and they get billed for it. so we need to shift through all these things >> i hear an increasing number of american businessmen and women say it's hard to do business in china. >> i have heard about this before. i think it's something china needs to pay attention to. and i think china will pay attention to this because this bilateral trade relationship is very, very important. but let me tell you this last year the total foreign investment hit $90 billion investment into china. it's still gring. american chamber of commerce came out with some research. 75% of the companies in c
Sep 9, 2010 5:00pm EDT
163 couples tied the knot in a mass wedding in taiwan. two men in australia managed to steal a five foot long python from a pet store. but the snake was not loving when it the thieves brought to it a nearby mcdonalds. police arrived and took men into custody. officers stay python named boris was very cranky when they arrived. >>> a fish heman in denmark hauled in a priceless catch the other day. it wasn't a fish it was. a heavy gold bracelet. it dates back to the nine century and the early viking age. the fishermen turned it over to a museum and will get a $1700 reward. >>> more than 200 people gather in the taiwan to get married. people believe today is a lucky day. it fall on the taiwan ease year 99 which treps 99th year of the republic of china. to cement their bond, 163 couples tied the knot at exactly nine minutes after 9:00. it was an extra special day for one couple who were both born on september 9th. >>> coming up next, lady gaga stops her concert in d.c. we'll tell you what fans are doing that forced the pop singer to stop. >>> and a no oil has flowed into the gulf for wee
Sep 19, 2010 2:00pm EDT
trip to taiwan. take a look at these pictures, this was a typhoon bonape, struck taiwan earlier this morning. winds at 120 miles per hour. more than three feet of rain in taiwan. that's moving northward toward china. we'll continue to track that system as well. >> violent storms. >> three feet of rain. >> extraordinary stuff. >> amazing. >> that's very extreme. all right. thank you so much, jaqqui. >> okay. they are off. >>> 67 balloons flying high above st. louis, missouri. you are looking at the 38th annual great forest park balloon race. high winds kept the balloons from straying too far. nearly 1 50,000 people turned out to watch. nice day for that. >>> sarah shourd is scheduled to make a statement at any time. in fact it is happening. she is being introduced. she arrived by way of oman to dubai and washington dulles airport. and then to new york. we saw pictures earlier where
Sep 14, 2010 4:00pm EDT
students at john's hopkins. >>> it was an angry protest in taiwan with fish. dozens ofrotesters gathered outside t de facto japanese embassy. they shouteded and hurled fish at the building. taiwan, china and japan all claim ownership of a disputed it chain of islands north taiwan. there are potential oil and gas reserves inhe area. the japanese coast guard has begun confronting activists and fishermen near the islands. >>> still ahead at 4:00, a n survey finds that d.c. is the country's worst city when it comes to driving. we'll take a look into ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seize new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a . they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualifie
Sep 3, 2010 8:00pm PDT
signatures from across the country. from canada, taiwan, indonesia, china, and hong kong. we have signatures of our neighbors and members of the local chinatown association organization that has a 150-year history in the audience tonight. we have a 97-year-old lady in the audience tonight to see if we improve. >> happy birthday. [applause] >> in the audience tonight are members of the public to support 605 kearny street, and i would like to thank them all and ask them to stand up to be acknowledged. commissioner garcia: maybe we need to see who was against it. it's seems like everybody stood up. >> thank you. san francisco is a great city with great people and a great government. the government believes in protecting our property rights and the rights of our citizens. when the project is finished, we will gladly pay the increased property tax. the business and local sales tax revenue will help the city. we are living in tough economic times. i hope the board will please support the request to proceed with this project. it will be a great addition to chinatown and to san francisco,
Sep 19, 2010 6:30pm PDT
las tragedis causan estragos. un tifÓn en taiwÁn. el tifÓn tambiÉn obligÓ a miles de residentes a huÍr de las Áreas montaÑosas que podrÍan sufrir deslaves. unas 45 personas resultaron heridas. se pronostica que se mueva hacia el este de china a primeras horas del lunes. >> al volver de la Última pausa, la historia de la mujer alemana que llegÓ a colombia para buscar a una desconocida. a su propia madre. hace dos años... nuestro lema es que la economía esta mal, pero tu comida no lo debería de estar. california está en problemas. si no hay un cambio drástico, esto va de mal en peor. se necesita alguien que realmente quiera que haiga más trabajos. ahora que leí el plan de meg, me llamaron la atención varias cosas acerca de lo que esta planeando hacer, especialmente con lo que tiene que ver con los empleos. el plan de meg es que, va, mas que todo va a reactivar la economía. y es lo que necesitamos. ♪ >> una joven alenmana descubriÓ un dÍa que había nacido en colombia y que quienes conocÍa como sus padres en realidad no lo eran. una revelaciÓn que le trajo la nec
Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
china and taiwan and the tensions sparked strong criticism in china. the chinese government stepped up its pressure on japan after a japanese court extended the detention last sunday. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm hideshi hara in tokyo. we'll be back in 30 minutes. thank you for joining us on nhk world. 
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm PDT
south of taiwan will be bringing wet conditions here. erisha cnc of the low system becoming a tropical storm system just yet. we will keep an eye on it. much of china dealing with ows lheayrothe southwest into the east coast. some of it will be quite heavy. more than 100 millimeters expected in the next 24 hours. 24 degrees in chong ching today. in manila, 33 degrees with thundershowers. let's head to northeastern mexico. the tropical storm continues to strengthen. it's getting very close to the east coast of northeastern mexico. about to make landfall monday night local time. we've gotrocastm warnings in effect as well as hurricane watches posted for are some of these areas. now once it makes landfall, it will to make its way further inland. we'll probably reach central texas early wednesday as a opalepssnr l pressure system. still, there will be ample amounts of rain in the days to come. flooding will be a major coern. over towards the atlantic, we're keeping an eye out on this low pressure moving towards the lerd islands. the system could also become a tropical storm system
Sep 20, 2010 4:25am EDT
hours as a typhoon hits taiwan with winds reaching over 100 miles per hour. people are staying indoors. much of the southern part of the island is under water and thousands have been evacuated. water is knee deep and roads were impassable. >> the roads were flooded. >> reporter: they say it is the strongest typhoon this year. many have been hurt. a local tv station showed footage of rescue workers saving an elderly woman trapped for 10 hours. more than 18 # thousand have been evacuated in eastern china. cctv video shows the typhoon hitting the fujian province. 2million people live in taiwan. landslides are the greatest danger to the island. >>> a health alert on those pesky bed bugs. nike's flagship niketown store in new york city is the latest to temporarily close because of an infestation. the store owner hopes to reopen soon. several new york city businesses have been hit by the beds bug infestation in recent months including an abercrombie and fitch, a times square movie theater, google's manhattan office and the empire state building. >>> we have all heard the stories of many amer
Sep 14, 2010 5:00am PDT
protest in taiwan. protesters threw fish at japanese embassy over incidents over a disputed chain of islands. they were throwing the police at the embassy and they are angry over the long-term plot to broaden the naval activities around the islands. two activists from taiwan sailed near the islands monday and they were expelled by the japanese coast guard at a ship that also collided with a fishing vessel last week. the japanese government insisted the actions were justified. the islands are north of taiwan, east of china and south of japan. all three claim territorial rights. there oil and gas reserves in the area. >> hate to clean up after that one. >> a new green machine to get i around this morning. any other bicycles until you look up close, the frame is made from bamboo held together with hemp fiber and resin. the bam bike was invented by someone in india who said it weighs about seven pounds less than a regular bike. >> flu season is around the corner and using hand sanitizer may not help as much as think. a new study said using hand sanitizer is not effective in stopping the
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
happened off the senkaku islands which are a part of okinawa an are claimed by china and taiwan. chinese premier wen jiabao renewed th t skipper's release when he met with chinese students studying in the united states.cha' state agency quoted him as saying they are his nation's territory. the arrest has anger cne . he vowed that china would take further action if japan does not comply with its demand. this is the first time that the chinesere h commented onhe incident. china has canceled top level talks with japan that were t kelan the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york. japan's chief cabinet officer sengoku says japan and china ould hold talks to resolve the issue. speaking on wednesday, sengoku stressed that the government needs to follow due process in addressing the issue under japanese law but look into the future, he said. it's important to address the issue based on the understanding that japan should have a mutually beneficial relationship with china as a major neighbor with growing economic and other strengths. >>> families ofapes nationals abducted by
Sep 17, 2010 5:00pm PDT
the island. new citizen cheng, who came from taiwan, brought her daughter to witness her swearing-in. >> they were born as american. they don't know how lucky they are. and for all those people who want to be american citizen and how many things they have to go through and how difficult it is. >> reporter: the ceremony took place in the shadow of the old barracks where mostly chinese immigrants spent months and years waiting to join loved ones in the u.s. >> so it's sort of a fitting occasion to be at a place where historically people were excluded but today are being included. >> reporter: but as much as the ceremony reflected changing times, the hardships some face to get here were as difficult as ever. >> sometimes you eat, sometimes you don't eat. >> reporter: mohammed sent years in a somalia refugee camp before getting the chance to come to the u.s. >> today you can say my shoes tied and cell phone on my waist. i mean, i never thought i would have this in my life. >> reporter: for felicia lowe, whose father was detained at angel island, the chance to see new sit tenths make a
Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. . >>> three nations now have earthquake early warning systems, japan, taiwan and mexico. mexico developed its system in the years after the devastating 1985 quake. it got its first test nearly a decade later. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta first brought us this support in september 1995. (speaking spanish). >> reporter: some 30 seconds before the earthquake shock waves hit mexico city a warning went out. it is the first time a significant earthquake has had some advanced warning. one of the safeguards mexico has taken since the destructive mexico city earthquake ten years ago this month. >> they had some very specialized seismic sensors located along the coast. and they were designed that when the ground shaking from any earthquake got large enough, they would transmit a small that said there is a big earthquake in progress. 30 seconds probably to get you time to get into a safe place in a building if you are in a seismically weak building maybe you would have time to get out. (beep beep beep). >> at the u.s. geological survey at the park warning signs went off when they registered the mexico eart
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm EDT
tour. >>> if you are looking to bring dazzle to your aquarium, in taiwan they have created a flores event angel fish. the new breed can light up a room on its own. the fish are about to hit the market. they will be priced at $30 a piece. that means you don't want to that means you don't want to forget ,, old gibbs canning company. that means you don't want to forget ,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] with club card specials like pork loin rib half, 99 cents a pound and campbell's select harvest soup only a $1 each. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday,
Sep 15, 2010 2:30pm PDT
taiwan also claims the territory. >> this latest round started when this chinese scholar ranted two japanese coast vessels near the island. 14 vessels arrived back of the island after being released, and early on, they are set to join them, but the damage has already spread beyond the vote. they did counsel talks with tokyo over the area's boiling gas reserves. now, reports in the japanese media suggest that the bilateral summit at next week was the general assembly is also under threat. that is why there is a lot riding on the decision of japanese prosecutors. they have until sunday to release or charged the captain. in hong kong, supporters handed a letter a petition to japanese consulate stars. tokyo says the case is simply being processed according to the law, but there's a lot more riding on his case than most. >> the latest headlines for you this hour -- millions of people are suffering from hunger in niger where drought and flooding have destroyed crops. the american middle east envoy george mitchell is saying israeli and palestinian leaders have tapped the issues that lie at
Sep 17, 2010 7:00pm PDT
towards taiwan where it is expected to make landfall on sunday. after that it will continue on into southern china. now in terms of the rainfall, we're looking at as much as 200 millimeters plus in the next 72 hours. see that straight path is going to be very, very wet, very windy. of course damaging winds and we will keep an eye on this as we move through. now to the laeb tiatlantic, car just about to make landfall once again in eastern mexico. then you can also see this monster system igor may be just off your screens here. julia is still here, a category 1 system, continuing to weaken as it moves out over water. hurricane igor is still very, very potent. it is a massive storm. the size of it, the breadth is just incredible. it is moving at 15 kilometers an hour now, wind speeds at 195, a category 3 hurricane. we're starting to see dangerous swells and rip currents up along the eastern coast of the u.s. and then of course there is bermuda. now the eye of the storm is expected to come very close to the -- to bermuda on mopped. of course there are hurricane warnings in place here. l
Sep 30, 2010 6:30pm EDT
january. meantime, a report from taiwan speculated audio chip maker cirrus logic may be replaced as an iphone supplier. that sent shares down 6% as volume more than quadrupled. cirrus didn't comment. we mentioned the a.i.g. strategy to pay back taxpayers' bailout. it also announced a deal to raise money by selling two insurance businesses in japan to prudential. prudential stock fell 4% on the deal. it was the biggest percentage loss in the s&p 500 index. prudential will pay $4.8 billion, most of that in cash, for the two businesses. while we're talking about mergers and acquisitions, how about an update on the car rental fight for dollar thrifty? dollar thrifty shareholders rejected the buyout offer from hertz. a competing and higher-priced offer is on the table from avis. the object of the buying interest, dollar thrifty, saw little movement in its stock today. but hertz dropped almost 9% after being turned down by dollar shareholders. avis stock was up fractionally. avis says it will launch its offer within ten business days of the hertz deal being rejected. the september rally for
Sep 30, 2010 2:00am EDT
position on taiwan? >> this is a very internationally known approach. we accept and we do support the policy of one china. >> rose: like the united states? >> like the united states. like any member states of the united nations. >> rose: when you're not running the country, what's the most fun thing for you to do in mongolia? >> >> for me the fun is probably sports. i like playing basketball and tennis. >> rose: basketball. >> basketball and tennis with my friends and socializing with my family. and i think most importantly in mongolia and what i have seen, especially this summer, is going the countryside like you said, fishing. is. >> rose: everybody goes... >> this is a unique and fantastic thing to go on the country side to see how beautiful is my country, how different is the landscape. because it's a vast and big land. >> rose: even though there's no infrastructure, do you want people to come to mongolia? >> absolutely. because as you earlier mentioned this is one of the untapped and wildest country in terms of nature so i think it would be really interesting. on top of that,
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
korea and taiwan are among those who engage in tuna fishing in the pacific. roll nets, which capture large volumes of tuna, have been blamed for the drastic population drop. the petition came one day before an international conference opens in fukuoka, western japan, to discuss ways to manage tuna resources in public. japan and south korea will participate in the conference. >>> the he of the business community in western japan has called on the government to take additional steps to counter the yen's 15-year high against the u.s. dollar. the chairman of the kansai economic federation, hiroshi shimozuma made the appeal when he met the economy and trade minister masayuki naoshima in tokyo on monday. shim o sum ma said businesses in the kansai region maintained strong exports and imports until july but they have been severely affected by the sharp rise of the yen. the region comprises six prefectures including osaka and kyoto. he said more companies will have to transfer operations overseas if the yen gets stronger. he added that the government appears to lack a sense of crisis. the mi
Sep 26, 2010 6:00pm PDT
taiwan, fish researchers have developed a way to breed lighted fish. scientists injected florescent genes into the reproductive organs of angel fish. when the babies were born, they lit up. imagine that. and just ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," making whoopie, whoopie pies that is. just what are they? >> mitchell: we end this sunday night with a sweet treat, a whoopie pie. never heard of it? well, here's michelle miller with the scoop. >> reporter: unless you grew up in new england, there's a good chance you've never heard of them. >> i forget already what she told me it was. >> reporter: it is a whoopie pie. >> i come from the west coast, so i don't really know whoopie pies that well. >> it's chocolate cake with seven-minute frosting in the middle. it kind of tastes like marshmallow. >> reporter: beloved and claimed as local inventions by maine and pennsylvania, they're increasingly making their way on to bakery shelves across the country and into their local lexicon. >> do you now the story behind the name? >> i don't. you want to tell me? >> apparently amish farmers, the w
Sep 15, 2010 5:30pm PDT
claimed by both japan and china. taiwan also is a claim to the territory, whose ownership has been disputed ever since japan's defeat in world war ii. the latest fight started when this caller rammed two japanese vessels near the island. 14 crew members arrived in china on monday after they were released from custody, and early on wednesday, the vessel johnson, but the damage has already spread beyond the boat, staging council talks with tokyo over the area's oil and gas resource, which were set for last week, and now reports that the media suggested the summit for the united nations general assembly is also under threat. that is why there is a lot riding on the decision of japanese prosecutors. they have until sunday to release or charge their fishing boat captain. in hong kong, supporters handed a letter a petition to japanese consulate staff. tokyo says the case is simply being processed according to the law, but there's a lot more riding on this case than most. >> just a reminder of the latest headlines this hour -- millions of people are suffering from hunger in niger. drought
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
asia, taiwan. the east coast of china has been seeing ongoing showers. that's looking to continue today. also, a new low is going to be moving into northeastern china, really bringing some heavy amounts of rainfall today. so that really ups the risk of flooding and landslides. for japan northern areas are starting to see the rain strengthen, and it will be quite strong throughout the day before it pulls away in the evening hours. 31 for your high in chongqing. 23 degrees in ulan bator, and it is going to be quite hot for tokyo again. 35 for your high today. in the atlantic we've been keeping an eye on hurricane earl. it is now getting very close to the outer banks of north carolina coastline. it remains a very strong hurricane. it's now at a category 2 strength. so showing some signs of weakening but packing very strong winds nonetheless. also, the core of the storm is getting very close to shore. this should remain offshore. but we'll be bringing plenty of strong winds, high waves, as well as the rainfall. so do stay on the watch for that. tropical storm fiona is right behind ear
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